Produce, Track, Mix


Fretted Studio has you covered when it comes to recording and mixing your album or music.

We offer studio time for tracking drums, guitars, vocals, bass guitar and anything else you can throw at us.  Fretted Studio has a variety of mic preamps from Rupert Neve Designs, Manley and Universal Audio.  We also have an extensive mic closet full of today's top microphones.

Mixing is a dream here at Fretted Studio.  We run both Pro Tools and Logic while offering every major plugin from Universal Audio, Steven Slate & Waves.  It is a fully acoustic treated space with a variety of monitors on hand from Focal to Yamaha so you can dial in your mix perfectly.

Lastly we offer full production packages that cover songwriting, producing, engineering and mixing.  That way you just focus on your music and we help you with all the rest.